This is about the friendly interaction between the rival of Splendid, Splendon't and The Mole, a blind mole with a mole on his face, see what I did there.


Despite the Mole and Splendon't only interacting twice, the Mole is shown to be a suck-up to Splendon't, as opposed to Splendon'ts side of the story, who's always annoyed by the Mole's blindness, which usually makes both of him or just him (Splendon't) get into trouble. However, it can be argued that the Mole does not dislike Splendid at all, but was annoyed at him only once.

Episodes suggesting a friendshipEdit

See What DevelopsEdit

Splendon't and the Mole are shown working together, much to their happiness and Splendid's dismay. Splendid starts causing havoc all over town, whenever Sledndon't saves them, the Mole must look for Splendid, meaning Splendon't thinks the Mole is trustworthy enough to handle the job despite his blindless.

April FoolsEdit

Splendon't and the Mole again work together to prank Splendid, but the first time they end up pranking Ale and Petunia, which causes Petunia to flip out and turn into Ainutep and starts causing havoc, Ale's flip-out is unnown though. After a few tries, Splendon't suddenly goes insane and tries conutlessly to kill Splendid now with varying success on his own, in the end, they are killed instead of Splendid.

Episodes suggesting a conflict Edit

See What DevelopsEdit

April FoolsEdit

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