Ice Cream, You Scream is the third episode of HTF. This episode introduces Ale, a war-torn veteran wolf who goes insane and kills everyone around her when reminded of war.

Description Edit

Be prepared for the introduction to Ale, a war-torn wolf veteran and only character besides Flippy to intentionally inflict harm on her friends, and that is how something might go awry at the ice cream shop and for once, it's not brain freeze.

Plot Edit

The episode begins at the Ice Cream Shoppe in Happy Tree Town, Handy and Russell head to the counter and order a drink, Mime, the waiter gives them their shakes, Lumpy, the manager yells at him for not cleaning the dishes in the back room. Handy and Russell spit out their drinks and throw them on the ground, walking away angry. Lumpy, so angry that he is losing money, screams at Mime to go clean the dishes while he took the orders.

Ale and Nutty come in and order a drink. Nutty gets hyper and starts spinning like a tornado. Ale ducks on the ground to avoid being run over, the sound reminds her of air force from the war. Her eyes form a yellow iris and an angry (and evil) expression on her face, causing Evil Ale (Alice) to emerge. She runs after Nutty's tornado and grabs him by the throat and starts strangling him, while he chokes, Ale breaks a glass cup into a shard and slices Nutty's head in half, causing his brain to fall out. Lumpy runs in fear to the back and tells Mime that Ale is going to kill them all. Mime can't hear him over the water running. He screams until Ale appears in camoflauge and snaps his neck. Ale sees Giggles and Petunia, and flips their table over, she unwraps Giggles' bow and strangles her with the strings. Petunia screams until Ale pulls out a knife and cuts Petunia in half. She wipes the blood with her fingers and targets Cuddles, Toothy, and Sniffles. She slams their mouths through the ice cream machine (Toothy by his buckteeth) and staples them to it. She laughs at her work as Cuddles, Toothy and Sniffles inflate and explode, leaving Ale covered up in blood, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Ale goes in the back room, makes Mime trip on a stapler, which gets stuck in his eye, he pulls the stapler, causing Mime's optic nerve to come out, it falls in Ale's hands and she pulls it, pulling out Mime's brain and crushes it, causing her to get splattered in more blood (and water from the dishes somehow). She looks around as the store is covered in blood, she looks at her fingers and licks one and sighs, contently upon tasting blood.