This about the interaction between a acorn-eating superhero, Splendid and the war-torn veteran bear, Flippy.


Flippy and Splendid are actually friends, Splendid thinks that saving Flippy, AleGigglesPetuniaLammy, and his fan, Toothy is what makes his job more appealing, because he has a crush on all of them (debatably) sans Flippy.

Episodes suggesting a friendshipEdit

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Episodes suggesting a conflictEdit

Welcome to My KnifeEdit

In this episode, Splendid fights Flippy (who is flipped-out) and relunctantly rips Flippy's head off. Flippy who is now a zombie a few seconds later re-routes a firework, which sets Splendid ablaze, and flies into a lake, which pierces Splendid on the head, because a rock was there, killing him. However, this couldn't Flippy because his head is in the background, so probably another Flippy.

Breaking the HabitEdit

In this episodes, Splendid is forced to fight his best friend, and is killed in the process.