2. Flaky-Flippy
Flaky/Flippy is the most popular pairing in the entire fandom. It outnumbers every other pairing, even though it is not a canon couple yet, like Cuddles/Giggles or Handy/Petunia. In canon episodes, they are only vague hints they might like each other such as:
  • Flippy appears to be Flaky's closest friend.
  • She organizes Flippy's birthday party, proving she knows personal dates about, such as the date he was born, implying they were somewhat close.
  • In "Kitchen Kringle", as the camera goes across the room, a picture with Flaky, Flippy, and Lumpy can be seen on the wall, which might strengthen the belief that they are good friends.

There are also strange instances where he doesn't kill Flaky, while she is still vulnerable. In Party Animal, Flippy searches for more victims and she is seen plain sight, but he doesn't go to kill her (though he was probably going to kill her afterwards) and when he is done killing Sniffles, Flippy snaps out of his flip-out mode at the sound of her death (or hearing the pop sound). In Double Whammy, her scream snaps him out of his flip-out mode (however Giggles' scream sounds just like that and Flippy does not react and he snapped out of his flip-out mode at the exact same time she screamed. Also, in Keepin' It Reel, Flaky screams and Flippy doesn't react). 

Bright Sides of the CoupleEdit

  1. Flaky needs a guardian. If Flippy controls himself...
  2. They are the closest of friends.
  3. Opposites attract.
  4. Flaky and Ale are the only characters Flippy is able to remain sane around.

Dark Sides of the CoupleEdit

  1. Flippy has a second self that might feel differently towards Flaky.
  2. They are both mentally unstable.
  3. Flaky has afraid of Flippy in later episodes.
  4. Fliqpy does not kill Flaky sometimes but leaves her traumatized.
  5. Fliqpy is over-protective of Flaky.
  6. Fliqpy 

Backing Down the Reasons they should be a coupleEdit

  1. Flaky's scream may have not been the cause of Flippy snapping out of it in Double Whammy.