1. Q. (Flaky): Uhh, c-can you control y-yourself a little better like Flippy?
  2. A.: Uhh...what?
  3. Q. (Russell): Are you the great and strong Flippy I keep hearing of? Flaky's been telling me alot about you.
  4. A.: Yeah, I am. And what has she been telling you??? I'M PANICKING. DO I LOOK OKAY?
  5. Q. (Petunia): Are you going to me and Giggles' next tea party?
  6. A.: Yeah, I am, I'm about to tell Giggles right now.
  7. Q. (Toothy): Did you see some girl's love letter to you? Her name's Alice.
  8. A.: Uhhh...who?
  9. Q.