This is about the interactionn of a careless Pop and a war-torn Ale.


Whenever Ale or Evil Ale accidently or intentionally kills someone, Pop may act like he does not care, meaning he may like more than just a friend, however, Ale is not shown to feel the same way. 

Episodes suggesting a friendshipEdit

Havin' A Ball Again!Edit

Their friendship is shown when Ale helps Pop take care of Cub, but when Ale accidentally kills Cub with a helicopter trying to get the ball. Ale apologizes, Pop is quick to forgive and says "'s not that big of a deal!". Later on, while walking away crying, Ale tries to recieve the ball with her helicopter claw again, accidentally double impaling Pop on the head, crushing his head,  and decapitating him. His decapitated body shrugs it's shoulders while on the ground.

Adventures in BabysittingEdit

Ale is hired by Pop to babysit Cub while he's out. Cub wanders out of the house while Ale's sleeping, Ale goes through a forest to save them, drops from the vine they're swinging on, and he's killed by thorns. Pop doesn't mind again, even though later on, he cries on his pillow and then is crushed by a bed of spikes.